Quality Assurance


Konkore acts in accordance with Global Standards

Konkore complies with internationally recognized quality, and maintains a strict quality control system for controlling all aspects of the manufacturing process. Beginning from sourcing raw materials, testing, packing, inventory and deliveries.

Quality Certifications and Registrations:
Konkore acts in accordance with Global Standards for the medical packaging products:
ISO 14971, ISO 11607, ISO 13485.

Quality Assurance Certificate

Raw material SourcingHigh quality and efficient suppliers, strict process of incoming inspection by IQC.

ProductionClass 100,000 grade clean workshop. The production process is continuous with a customized process chart made by the company.

TestingFirst Article Inspection: The product consistency is ensured and sample drafts are manufactured and tests as per standards and requirements.

Quality InspectionThe quality of the product is checked and analyzed during the various stages of the manufacturing of the final product by The QC department. This helps in maintaining the quality of the finished product.

Storage and PackingThe segregation of unqualified goods are done at the beginning and are separated and then discarded. The final finished goods are safely packed as per the packing standards.


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