Bowie Dick Test Pack/Paper

Brief Advantages:

  • They are easy to read test sheet with detailed instructions for use and interpretations of results.
  • They have small sizes for easy handling and storage.
  • They have external process indicator for ready identification of processed test packs.
  • They are totally reproducible and the test sheet will stay flat after the sterilization cycle.


  1. “Konkore Bowie Dick” is a compact Bowie Dick Type test pack.
  2. “Konkore Bowie Dick” is a daily steam penetration test for detecting air leakages and the presence of non-condensable gases in dynamic air removal steam sterilizers.


  1. The test pack is placed in the sterilizer in the area which is the most difficult to sterilize and run through a sterilization cycle for 3.5 minutes at 134°C. An air removal failure/leakage is indicated as a lighter-coloured area in the centre of an otherwise dark-coloured test sheet.


  1. “Konkore Bowie Dick” is made from unbleached paper loads and lead-free indicator inks, eliminating the headaches of a safe disposal.
  2. “Konkore Bowie Dick” Test Pack confirms to ISO1140-1, Class-2 Standards. The performance of “Konkore Bowie Dick” is equivalent to the Bowie-Dick towel Pack, as described in ANSI/AAMI ST79.
  3. 3.Bowie Dick Test Sheets of size 200MM X 250MM are also available.

Additional features of “Konkore Bowie Dick” Test Pack

  1. Unique Design
  2. Meeting all standards
  3. Unique and never before thumb cut for convenience of taking out the test sheet
  4. Convenient pack, goes to sterilizer as it is.
  5. Unique designs with highest catchments area for detecting non-condensable gases.
  6. Sharp, contrast colour change.

Konkore Bowie Dick Test Pack/Paper comply with ISO11140-1, EN867-4 and ISO11140-4.

Konkore Bowie Dick Test Pack/Paper:

DescriptionCatalogue No.Size
Bowie Dick Test Pack/PaperKONBD-01115MM X 125MM
Bowie Dick Test PaperKONBD-02210MM X 300MM

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