Self-Seal Sterilization Pouches – Paper/Film

Brief Advantages of Konkore Self-Seal Sterilization Pouches:

  1. Medical grade paper with technic 60gsm or 70gsm is an effective barrier against germs and bacteria despite of that it permits the transmission of air, steam or sterilization gas.
  2. It has a reinforced film to avoid tear during opening.
  3. The Peel-easy film permits the film separation from paper with no shatters.
  4. It has a clean and accurate indicator colour change.
  5. It has tear, fiber-free opening and aseptic presentation.
  6. It has a triple band seal for higher package integrity which effectively avoids cracking.

Konkore self-seal sterilization pouches comply with, EN868, ISO11607 and ISO11140-1.

Konkore Self-Seal Sterilization Pouches:

Catalogue No.SizesPack(Pieces/Box)
KONSSP-05713057MM X (100+30)MM200
KONSSP-07026070MM X (230+30)MM200
KONSSP-09016590MM X (135+30)MM200
KONSSP-09026090MM X (230+30)MM200
KONSSP-135280135MM X (250+30)MM200
KONSSP-190360190MM X (330+30)MM200
KONSSP-200320200MM X (290+30)MM200
KONSSP-200360200MM X (330+30)MM200
KONSSP-230395230MM X (365+30)MM200
KONSSP-305430305MM X (400+30)MM200
KONSSP-400535400MM X (505+30)MM200
KONSSP-500630500MM X (600+30)MM200

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