Sterilization Reels and Pouches Flat- Tyvek/Film

Brief Advantages:

  1. They have excellent microbial barrier properties against germs, bacteria and moisture.
  2. They have very high resistance to penetration and has fiber-free peeling.
  3. They can be easily peeled and has aseptic presentation.
  4. They have clear and accurate colour change.

Konkore Tyvek Sterilization reels and pouches comply to En868, ISO11607 & ISO11140 standards.

Konkore Sterilization reels flat- Tyvek/film

Catalogue No.SizesPack(Pieces/Box)
KONTR-05010050MM (2”) X 100MM12
KONTR-05510055MM (2.2”) X 100MM12
KONTR-07510075MM (2”) X 100MM8
KONTR-100100100MM (2”) X 100MM6
KONTR-150100150MM (2”) X 100MM4
KONTR-200100200MM (2”) X 100MM2
KONTR-250100250MM (2”) X 100MM2
KONTR-300100300MM (2”) X 100MM2
KONTR-350100350MM (2”) X 100MM2
KONTR-400100400MM (2”) X 100MM2
KONTR-500100450MM (2”) X 100MM2

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