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Manufacturer of sterilized packaging products


highly efficient automated machinery for the production


Company was incorporated on 9th June, 2017

Konkore Packaging Private Limited was incorporated on 9th June, 2017. The company specializes in the manufacturing of sterilization reels and pouches.

The company is equipped with highly efficient automated machinery for the production of the sterilization reels and pouches. The safety standards required during the production are strictly followed with regards to high product quality and maximum efficiency.

The management is diversified with experience in different areas of manufacturing which is an important aspect for a stable and well-organized structure.

The company has a process chart that divides the work flow towards the road to maximum quality production. Moreover, the company carries valuable reputation among its clients.

Corporate Philosophy

Customer Management is one of the key aspects of the company which constantly deals in increasing the work efficiency and understanding the customers’ requirements.
The company is committed in fighting against infections by manufacturing sterilized packaging products and by supplying them to medical device manufacturers, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies etc.


Sterilizaition Introduction

What is the sterilization packing for medical instrument?

Defined as EN-868 & ISO-11607, it is the primary packaging for medical instruments with microorganism Barrier, Sterilizable, and sustained and Shelf-life performances

How to design for sterilization packing of disposable medical instruments?

When choosing sterilization packing for medical instruments, you should consider factors as following:

  • Methods of sterilization
  • Volume and weight of the loading instrument
  • Validated date
  • Convenience of use

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